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    Social Medicine and Medical Law, which was established in 2014 and consists of Social Medicine and Health Management Department and the Department of Medical Law Department. This department has a teaching group which is well-experienced, high academic attainments, distinctive teaching methods. We have 12 full-time teachers, 1 laboratory technician, including 4 professors, 1 associate professor, 7 lecturers and 1 senior researcher. All teachers have post graduation degrees, 9 of them have doctor degrees. In our department, we have five master students’ instructors (including 2 doctoral instructors). We also have five part-time instructors; (including 3 part-time doctoral instructors).All of them has formed a team as full-time instructors based, with a combination of part-time instructors. Our department also undertakes teaching more courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

    Social Medicine and Medical Law, covers Social Medical, Health Management, Medical Law, Medical Ethics, Health Economics Research. In the past five years. The full-time teachers in Social Medicine and Medical Law hosted or participated in more than 50 types of projects, such as the National Natural Science Foundation, the Ministry of Health, science and technology in Jilin Province, they also published more than 100 theses, edit and be a part of editing of 50 academic textbooks which proves us the strong research capabilities. In December 2000, the Department started to offer Master Degree program in Social Medicine and Health management and Doctoral program in January 2006. In September 2009, the Department began to offer postdoc program in Social Medicine and Health Management. Each year, the Master Degree program enrolls about 10 candidates; Doctoral Degree program enrolls about 5 candidates, postdoc 5 to 8 candidates.

    Preventive Medicine (Medical Law)

    Medical Law was founded in Jilin University in 2002, the first inter sectional major of art and science. It has experienced a process with the patterns of six-year dual degree, seven-year dual degree, five-year dual degree. It enrolls 30 people each year, it trains a number of capably people with the knowledge of both medical and law for health administration departments, health supervision departments, medical institutions, health judiciary departments, legal practice departments of Health (forensic, law firms)  and universities. This major ranked in the forefront in terms of professional training mode, curriculum, faculty, student employment in the entire country.

    Secondary discipline master degree spot, doctoral spot and postdoctoral station in Social Medicine and Medical Law

    It is one teaching and research base of Social Medicine, Health Management, Health Education, Medicine, Psychology and Health Law and other disciplines. We were allowed to grant master degrees in December 2000. We were allowed to grant doctor degrees in Jan. 2006. In September 2009, the request of establishing two post-doctoral research stations for Social Medicine and Health Management were approved. Currently, we enroll about 10 master degree students every year, about 5 or so doctoral students, postdoctoral students around 5 to 8. Right now, we have around 70-80 master degree students. We also undertake the train task for Master of Public Health (MPH) and Jilin University and the State Planning Commission, the United Methodist training 'population and public Service'. All the 200 graduated either master degree or doctor degree students are playing an important role in any kinds of health management positions work.

    Interdisciplinary secondary disciplines master spot self-set by Medical Law

    Jilin University declared an Interdisciplinary secondary disciplines master spot in 2012 and started enrolling students from 2013. There are three research directions being set by Medical Law. The teaching group ncludes 3 full-time master degree students’ instructors, and 2 part-time instructors.

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