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     The Department of Preventive Medicine includes six sections, Epidemiology and Health Statistics, Health Toxicology, Occupational Health and Environmental Health, Nutrition and Food Science, Women and Children’s Health, and Health Inspection.

    The department also includes an Experimental Teaching Center of Preventive Medicine.

    The department has two key disciplines authorized by Department of Education of Jilin Province, Epidemiology and Statistics, and Toxicology as well.

    The department has two key labs approved by Jilin Province, a Toxicology lab and a Chinese Medicine Toxicology lab. There is both a Doctoral program and Post-Doc program in Public Health and Preventive Medicine.

    Here are 50 faculties in the Department of Preventive Medicine that include 26 professors, 15 associate professors and 9 lecturers. More than ten faculties hold an important position on a national and provincial academic committee and teaching guidance committee.

    There is one undergraduate program in preventive medicine with three concentrations: Preventive Medicine, Nutrition and Food Science as well as Health Inspection. Our goal is to nurture high quality graduates with innovative thinking. In order to achieve this goal, we have revised our teaching methods, improved teaching quality, reinforced experiential learning and increased the number of teaching base. In recent years, over 95% of undergraduate students have found employment. Among our alumni, a substantial number have become the backbone in Public Health and Preventive Medicine area. So far, there are 1800 alumni with Bachelor Degrees, 610 with Master Degrees, and over 60 with Ph.D Degrees.

    There are five teaching bases: Center for Disease Prevention and Control of Beijing Chaoyang District, Center for Disease Prevention and Control of Beijing Chongwen District, Center for Disease Prevention and Control of Jilin Province, Health Monitoring Institute of Jilin Province, Inspection and Quarantine of Jilin Province, and Center for Disease Prevention and Control of Changchun city.

    The research focus of the Department is targeting major public issues of our nation. Breakthrough has been made in several research areas, such as effects of heavy metal on health, genetic epidemiology of mental disorders, development of response system of emergent public events, food safety, nanomaterial safety evaluation, antivirus agents’ development and environmental toxicants detection by nano technology. In the past five years, hundreds of key programs at different levels have been subsidized to the faculties of Department of Preventive Medicine, including 11th five-year project, two projects of 863, two projects of 973, over 10 National Natural Science Fund, more than 70 programs from Ministries of Chinese Government and Provincial Departments. More than 600 scientific papers have been published, including over 70 papers published in SCI journals. More than 10 research prizes have been awarded to the faculties. As major contributors, the Faculties of Preventive Medicine Department have compiled over 30 books. Moreover, the Faculties have filed 11 applications for national inventive patents and 7 have been approved.
In recent years, young Faculties have been sent abroad to receive training or do research. So far, we have collaborated with many oversees universities from the United States, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, Japan and South Korea on education and research.

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