Introduction of School of Public Health

    School of Public Health Jilin University, previously known as School of Preventive Medicine of Norman Bethune University of Medical Sciences, got its present name in June 2000.

    When the new Jilin University was formed originating from former Jilin University, Jilin Engineering and Technology University, Norman Bethune University of Medical Sciences, Changchun Science and Technology University, Changchun Posts and telecommunication Institute, and Military Supply and Needs University of the People ' s liberation Army.

    School of Public Health Jilin University has four Divisions, Preventive Medicine, Radiation Medicine, Medical Law, Medical informatics and Health management, composed of 14departments, 2 Experimental Teaching centers, 22 practice bases for undergraduates and graduates. There are two institutes attached to the School, Institute of Radiation Medicine and Preventive Medicine. Hygienic Detecting Center, Medical Research Center of Human genome and Medical informatics Center of Jilin University are under the jurisdiction of the School. There are 159 faculties and staffs,41 full professors, 35 associate professors, 20 Ph D supervisors,62 Master Degree supervisors, 35 technicians. Among them, the ratio of those with Doctor' s degree is 81 .8% .

    The School of Public Health Jilin University began to enroll undergraduate students in 1960 and graduate students in 1978. Currently the School has been authorized to offer Doctor' s Degree in Preventive Medicine (Rank I Major) containing Hygienic Toxicology, Epidemiology and statistics, Environmental Health and Occupational Health, Nutrition and Food Science, Adolescent Health and Women, Children' Care. Besides, three Rank II Majors has also been authorized to offer Doctor' s Degree in Radiation Medicine, Medical Genomics, Social Medicine and Health Management. There are three key laboratories altogether, key laboratory of Radiation Biology (Ministry of Health), key laboratory of Hygienic Toxicology (Jilin province) and Level two Traditional Chinese Medicine Lab of Toxicology (Jilin Province).

    There are two Undergraduate prog rams, one is fi ve-year program including Rad iation Medicine, Preventive Medicine(nutrition and food sciences, hygienic test), Medical informatics and management; the other is seven-year program, medical law. Currently there are 1000 undergraduates, 300 graduates and 70 Doctorate candidates at school.

    In the last 5 years the school has made great progress in research and got more than 150 grants including  "863”  grant,  "973"  grant, National Natural Science Foundation of China grants, the total financial support is more than 20,000,000 RMB. At the same time, the school has also got 1300 publications, 14 patents, 70 books and 30 awards.

    The School of Public Health Jilin University has established international cooperation with many colleges or laboratories from America, Canada, Japan, Austria, Australia, England, and so on. Many faculties and graduate students have been sent abroad to study, visit and give lectures. Since 1980, more than 100 researchers from the School have participated international conferences.

School Of Public Health Jilin University

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