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    Department of medical informatics of School of Public Health, Jilin University, formerly known as Department of medical informatics of Norman Bethune University of Medical Sciences. In 2000, the new Jilin University was founded, the Department of Medical informatics was incorporated into School of Public Health and set up as Department of medicine and pharmacy informatics. In order to adapt the development of medicine and pharmacy, to cultivate high quality talents with administrative ability in medicine and pharmacy, to contribute to the development of health and economy of nation and local province, the Department of Medicine and pharmacy informatics merged with the Department of Social medicine and health management to establish the Department of medicine and pharmacy informatics and health management. In June 2013, the Department of social medicine and health management merged with Department of health law, Department of medicine and pharmacy informatics and health management was renamed Department of Medical informatics.

    Two sections and one experimental center are under the Department of Medical Informatics, Section of Medical informatics management, Section of Informatics Retrieval, and Medical Informatics experimental center. Teaching bases have been set up in different cities, such as Beijing, shanghai, Hangzhou, and Changchun. The Department has an experienced teaching team with excellent academic expertise and prominent teaching features. Among the faculty and staff, 5 are professors, 2 are associate professors, 3 are lecturers, one is technician. 4 are Doctoral advisors, 7 are advisors for Master Degree students. There are over 20 part time advisors in teaching bases. All the faculty have graduate Degree, 7 have Doctoral Degree. Over 50% of faculty have oversees experiences.

    There is a five-year program in informatics management and informatics system under the Department. The program enrolls 60 undergraduate students each year and the students will be awarded Bachelor of Management and Medicine as well, two Bachelors. The program was formerly known as library and information under Norman Bethune University of Medical Sciences, which was approved to set up by National Education Committee and Ministry of Health in April 1985 and was the first program established in colleges and universities. So far, the program has cultivated many high quality talents in medicine and pharmacy informatics and alumni serving in different institutes, such as colleges and universities, research institutes, medical informatics institute, hospital informatics, health management institute, and pharmaceutical companies, have earned the reputation of cradle of medical informatics talents for the Department.

    So far, there are undergraduate, graduate and postdoc programs in the Department. In 2011, medical informatics was awarded the key discipline with prominent features. In 2012, the course of medical information retrieval was awarded the excellent course of Jilin Province and the teaching group was awarded excellent teaching team of Jilin Province. In September 2013, the discipline of medical informatics was authorized to enroll both Master and Doctoral Degree students. In recent years, many grants have been funded by National Natural Science Foundation, National Social Science Fund, Humanities Social Fund of Ministry of Education, Social fund of Jilin Province, Department of Science and Technology of Jilin Province, Department of Health of Jilin Province, Department of Education of Jilin Province and Jilin University. The Department has established academic collaboration with universities and institutes from United States, Japan, Austria and South Korea.

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