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Jilin University School of Public Health has successfully completed the "National Clinical Application Research Design and Statistical Practice Study Class"
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The National Clinical Applied Research Design and Statistical Practice Class of Chinese Medical Association, sponsored by the Respiratory Branch of Chinese Medical Association and the Ministry of Continuing Education of Chinese Medical Association, was held in Changchun, Jilin Province from March 10 to 12, 2023. This conference was organized by the School of Basic Medicine of Beijing Union Medical College and the School of Public Health of Jilin University. The conference invited well-known experts in the fields of public health and clinical research in China to exchange practical experience in clinical epidemiology, statistical analysis methods, and clinical research applications. The topics and strategies of research design involved in medical research, as well as how to scientifically build a scientific research database, were discussed, Based on clinical medical insurance big data, using statistical analysis methods to conduct practical research and other perspectives for teaching and exchange. All lecture topics are based on case analysis and closely combined with Chinese medicine and clinical practice, emphasizing research design and statistical analysis strategies oriented towards solving clinical problems. The conference has built a high-level academic exchange platform for the cross research of clinical medicine and public health methodology.

Multiple teachers and students from our hospital attended the conference for learning. Dean Liu Yawen, as the organizer, delivered a welcome speech to the conference. Professors Shan Guangliang and Wang Li from Beijing Union Medical College, as well as 10 experts from universities and hospitals such as the School of Public Health at Capital Medical University, gave keynote speeches and shared case studies. The conference was attended by over 200 medical university teachers, clinical doctors, and graduate students from all over the country. After two days of training and learning, the class was successfully completed, and the teachers and classmates who participated in the training expressed their full harvest. This meeting aims to enhance the clinical research and statistical application capabilities of medical school teachers and doctors, cultivate the evidence-based medicine thinking of medical researchers, and enhance their research innovation capabilities.

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