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The School of Public Health conducts fire safety knowledge training and emergency drills
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In order to improve the fire safety awareness of teachers and students, enrich fire safety knowledge, improve self-rescue ability, and create a safe and peaceful campus atmosphere, the College of Public Health organized fire safety knowledge training and emergency drills on November 4. The training was hosted by Wei Guozhi, the vice president of the college, and An Zhicheng, the head of the Fire Protection Section of the Xinmin Security Office of the Security Department, was the keynote speaker, explaining the fire safety precautions and protective measures for the teachers and students of the college. The training will be conducted in a combination of online and offline, and all graduate and undergraduate students will participate in the training.

This safety training is mainly divided into two parts: basic knowledge of fire fighting and basic skills of fire fighting. The safety section chief explained the common sense of fire fighting and precautions for emergency handling with actual cases. Through this training, the students improved their understanding of fire safety and became familiar with the use of dry powder fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire hydrants and other equipment; Combined with the experimental accident examples, we further learned and mastered the fire fighting knowledge and escape methods, defined the key points of how to alarm, how to put out the fire correctly, how to evacuate, how to save and escape, and improved the ability of self-protection and self-rescue. Through the analysis and explanation of real fire incidents, the safety section chief reminded the teachers and students to pay attention to the use and management of electrical appliances at all times, pay attention to the instruments and equipment that are prone to safety accidents in the laboratory, and be vigilant in daily life and study, and not take it lightly, and carry out the troubleshooting of safety hazards on time. Finally, the teachers of Xinmin Security Office organized and carried out fire escape drills and on-site teaching on the use of fire extinguishers for our teachers and students.

This fire safety training has effectively improved the ability of our teachers and students to respond to and deal with fire accidents and other emergencies, enriched the fire safety knowledge, improved the awareness of fire safety responsibility, and escorted the smooth development of our teaching and scientific research work.

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