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A series of famous lecturers in the School of Public Health (I) -- Research on the etiology of diseases and preventive measures
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In the afternoon of September 29, Professor Wu Tangchun, a professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, an academician of the CAE Member, the dean of Tongji Medical College, the academic leader of national key disciplines of labor hygiene and environmental hygiene, and the director of the key laboratory of environment and health of the Ministry of Education, was invited to give an academic report entitled "Research on the etiology and dynamic analysis of diseases" in the lecture hall on the third floor of the School of Public Health of Jilin University. In the lecture, Academician Wu Tangchun systematically explained the course of etiology exploration through his own experience, national needs, prevention examples and future thinking, especially how to find problems through cohort study. At the meeting, Academician Wu Tangchun advocated multidisciplinary cooperation, gave full play to the advantages of various disciplines, and better searched for scientific evidence for scientific research.

Teachers and graduate students from the Department of Preventive Medicine and Department of Radiology of the College of Public Health and Xinjiang Medical University (online) attended the lecture by Professor Wu Tangchun. At the meeting, Professor Yang Shuman of the Teaching and Research Office of Epidemiology and Health Statistics had an in-depth discussion with Academician Wu Tangchun on the implementation of the cohort study; Teacher Wang Juan exchanged views on the establishment of multi-center in the research and how to develop and mine public databases. Qi Wen from the Teaching and Research Office of Labor Health and Environmental Health and Academician Wu Tangchun discussed in depth how to find and solve problems in diverse research fields.

The academic lecture was a complete success. The lecture further broadened the scientific research vision of the majority of teachers and students and stimulated the scientific research interest of all teachers and students.

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