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School of Public Health, Jilin University Successfully Held the National Excellent College Students Summer Camp in 2022
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In order to further improve the quality of graduate students, deepen the understanding of young students on the cutting-edge achievements of our discipline, and attract and select national excellent undergraduates to study for master's degree in our college, the School of Public Health of Jilin University held the 2022 National Excellent Undergraduate Summer Camp from June 10 to June 23, 2022. The summer camp was conducted in the form of network remote video, and 49 excellent students from colleges and universities across the country participated in the activity.

The summer camp officially started at 8:30 on June 10, and is mainly divided into four parts: introduction of the college and disciplines, demonstration of personal academic ability, online face-to-face communication and discussion with young scholars, and assessment of excellent campers. First of all, we will broadcast the enrollment promotion video of our college to introduce the characteristics of the college's disciplines and professional tutors; Then enter the stage of individual academic ability demonstration. The campers show their academic level and professional quality to the expert group through PPT speech. Then, the teacher interacted with the campers and answered questions. Finally, the expert team of our college conducted a comprehensive interview for the campers from the aspects of comprehensive quality, professional quality and foreign language listening and speaking ability. The college gave a total score and ranked them according to the students' application materials and comprehensive performance during the summer camp, and finally selected 19 excellent campers.

The holding of this summer camp made the campers have a deeper understanding of the research field and professional prospects, and also fully felt the strong academic atmosphere, solid scientific research achievements, strong humanistic feelings and the enduring inheritance of Bethune spirit. Our college will continue to strengthen the improvement of the discipline system and the optimization of the talent training environment, and continue to provide scientific research assistance for students.

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