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The College of Public Health successfully held the 11th Young Teachers' Teaching Level Competition
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Further carry forward the main theme of teaching work and comprehensively improve the professional quality and teaching ability of young teachers. According to the relevant requirements of the Notice on the Work Arrangement of the Tenth "Jilin University Youth Teachers' Teaching Level Competition", the College of Public Health held the 11th Youth Teachers' Teaching Level Competition of the College of Public Health on July 13 in the report hall on the third floor of the college.

The competition invited Professor Jin Xianglei, Deputy Minister of Bethune Medical Department and Director of Medical Education Office of Jilin University, Director of Medical Education Research and Teacher Development Center, Professor Wu Yuntao, Leader of Bethune Medical Department Steering Group of Jilin University Education and Teaching Steering Committee, Professor Li Zhongmin, Expert of Medical Department Steering Group, Professor Liu Yawen, Dean of the College, Professor Liu Ya, Supervisor of the College Professor Jin Shunzi, director of the Department of Radiology of the College's Teaching Committee, Professor Yu Shuangcheng, a famous teaching teacher in Jilin Province, Professor Ye Lin, director of the Department of Preventive Medicine, Professor Yang Shujuan, director of the Department of Social Medicine and Medical Law, Professor Cao Jindan, director of the Department of Medical Informatics, and 10 students served as the judges of the competition. The competition was presided over by Professor Kou Changgui, the vice dean of teaching of the college.

The college attaches great importance to this competition and requires all teachers who meet the competition conditions to participate in the competition, and organizes teachers to participate in teaching design, teaching methods and means, demonstration teaching and other related training. A total of 9 teachers participated in the competition. The competition was broadcast online to all the teachers of the college using the Learning Communication platform. The participating teachers were fully prepared, conscientious and energetic, and showed their teaching level, professional quality and personality to the judges.

After the competition, Jin Xianglei, Deputy Minister of Education, and Wu Yuntao, teacher, made wonderful comments on the teaching of the participating teachers, and made detailed analysis and comments on the writing of the teaching plan, teaching design, integration of ideological and political elements, interaction between teachers and students in the classroom, teaching manners, teaching art, teaching effects and other aspects, and put forward the direction of future efforts.

At last, President Liu Yawen summarized the competition. She thanked the judges for their attendance and careful guidance, thanked the participating teachers for their efforts, and said that the competition had trained the young teachers' team and demonstrated the good spirit of the young teachers in the School of Public Health. Emphasize that the construction of the teaching staff, the teaching level and teaching quality of young teachers are of great significance to promote the sustainable development of the teaching work of the college and the construction of a high-level public health college. It is hoped that all the teachers in the college will take this competition as an opportunity to find gaps, fill weaknesses, strengthen teaching investment, and effectively improve education and teaching level.

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