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Jilin University School of Public Health went to many middle schools in Hubei Province to carry out undergraduate enrollment publicity activities
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After online enrollment promotion through 360 Education Online, Gaozhaotong, Gaokaobang and other platforms, in order to better provide high-quality and valuable guidance for candidates to apply for the examination, the School of Public Health of Jilin University rushed to Hubei Province to carry out on-site enrollment consultation activities and the awarding of excellent student base during the online enrollment period after the release of the results of the college entrance examination in Hubei Province from June 25 to June 30, and successively in Xiangyang No. 4 Middle School, Xiangyang No. 5 Middle School, Hubei Province Several schools, including Xiangyang No.1 Middle School, Xiangyang No.3 Middle School, Daye No.1 Middle School, Suizhou No.1 Middle School, Hong'an No.1 Middle School, Macheng No.1 Middle School, Lichuan No.1 Middle School, Enshi High School and Badong No.1 Middle School, have held high-quality enrollment consultation and enrollment guidance. The college of public health in Hubei was divided into two publicity groups at the same time, led by Professor Kou Changgui, the vice president of teaching of the college of public health, Mr. Liu Jinchao, the vice secretary and vice president of the party committee of the college of public health, and the enrollment publicity team with many years of experience in enrollment publicity, such as Mr. Gan Zhenwei, Mr. Liu Guoliang, Mr. Liu Huafeng, and Mr. Li Zhuolin.

The admissions consulting team of the School of Public Health of Jilin University is well prepared and proficient in the information of the school's enrollment plan and enrollment policy. The on-site answers to the questions have been affirmed and recognized by the local examinees and parents. In addition, they have answered the questions about the professional characteristics, the rate of graduate protection, the transfer of majors, the double degrees, scholarships, employment, dormitories, climate, diet, bathing and other issues concerned by the parents and examinees, To make examinees and parents fully understand the advantages, characteristics and attraction of Jilin University. This enrollment consultation activity received more than 700 local school parents and examinees on-site, telephone, WeChat and other inquiries, distributed more than 1000 copies of various leaflets and materials, and completed the awarding of the excellent student base of six provincial demonstration key high schools. Although under the circumstances of high temperature and rainy weather and inconvenient traffic in some areas, the teachers of the publicity group overcame various difficulties and successfully completed the enrollment publicity work. On the morning of June 30, the publicity team organized and carried out the cloud awarding ceremony of the excellent student source base of Jilin University - Badong No. 1 Middle School in Hubei Province. Secretary Zhao Guoli, Deputy Secretary Liu Jinchao, Deputy Dean Kou Changgui, Deputy President Tan Yuanfu of the First Middle School of Padang, and Director Tong of the Teaching Department and other teachers attended the licensing ceremony. Leaders and teachers from both sides had in-depth exchanges on the source base and enrollment work.

Through on-site and online consultation, communication and exchange, this Hubei Province enrollment promotion activity allows the majority of examinees and parents, as well as leaders and teachers of key high schools in Hubei Province, to understand and pay attention to Jida from all aspects, so that more excellent students can choose Jida and realize their dreams.

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