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Helping Employment and Empowering the Future - The College of Public Health held the experience sharing meeting for the examination of licensed physicians
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In order to help high-quality employment, empower future development, and improve graduates' employment competitiveness, the College of Public Health of Jilin University held an online experience sharing meeting on the examination of licensed physicians in the afternoon of April 3. The main speaker of this exchange and sharing meeting was Hu Wenyu, a student majoring in Epidemiology and Health Statistics, Grade 2020. Some graduate and undergraduate students of the college attended the meeting.

Hu Wenyu once scored 433 points in the medical practitioner examination (public health). At the meeting, she shared her experience in preparing for the medical practitioner examination with the students from four aspects: preliminary understanding of the medical practitioner examination, practical examination, comprehensive examination and precautions.

First of all, Hu Wenyu gave an overview of the examination for licensed doctors, explained the examination process in detail, and recommended the network resources for students to obtain the information of review and preparation. In the part of practical examination, she specifically introduced the selection of examination station, examination content, examination form, examination requirements, etc. In the comprehensive examination part, she introduced the distribution of knowledge unit modules in detail in combination with the examination outline. Later, she shared her learning experience in reviewing and preparing for exams, official account and video resources for obtaining learning materials, and introduced the specific review ideas and content mastering requirements in detail in combination with the exam review bibliography.

Finally, Hu Wenyu introduced the relevant precautions from the aspects of examination focus and review time planning, and put forward several suggestions on how to grasp and adjust the changes of their own mentality during the preparation process. After the meeting, the students asked Hu Wenyu about the problems they encountered in their study. Hu Wenyu gave patient and detailed answers according to his own experience.

This activity has provided effective help for students to carry out career planning and improve employment competitiveness. It provides valuable experience for students who are about to take the examination of licensed doctors, so that students have a more specific and clear understanding of the examination of licensed doctors, have more confidence in reviewing and preparing for the examination, and lay a solid foundation for future career development.

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