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The College of Public Health held the third "Good Voice of Public Health" (special anti-epidemic season) finals
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In order to show the demeanor of public health students, enrich the students' study and life during the bedtime of the epidemic, release the students' difficulties in closed management, and relieve psychological pressure, the College of Public Health held the third "Good Voice of Public Health" (special season for epidemic prevention). The activity was strongly supported by students, with a total of more than 600 participants. Meanwhile, parents and friends of students were invited to participate in the activity to reduce parents' concerns about students' closed life.

At 18:30 on the evening of March 27, the final of "Good Voice of Public Health" was held. The eight outstanding contestants who emerged from the audition showed their skills and competed in the final. Liu Jinchao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Public Health, and counselors Su Guofan, Leng Hexuan, and Liu Xinyi participated in the activity. The members of the League and student representatives of all classes actively cheered the contestants as the public judges. More than 200 students of all grades watched the live broadcast online.

Before the start of the competition, everyone watched the public health anti-epidemic theme propaganda film, and the students were deeply encouraged and touched. Teachers and students interact online. Teachers said that students should do a good job of personal protection and psychological counseling during the epidemic, and wish the competition a complete success.

The final was divided into two rounds of competition. The contestants drew lots to compete in pairs before the competition and carefully prepared their individual songs. During the official competition, the contestants showed their singing voice, some played guitar accompaniment, some composed songs, and the students in the comment area cheered one after another. "I hope that the epidemic will spread and blossom, and the spring will come for a long time", "I hope to meet with the New People's Second Education at an early date" and other messages have been swiped on the screen. The students expressed their good expectations after the epidemic in the song, and cheered the anti-epidemic workers' spirit of fighting for the front line. According to the voting results of the judges and the public, Wang Zihan won the first prize, Dong Xiaodan and Qin Yuxiao won the second prize, Fu Yibo won the third prize, and Liu Chunhe won the excellent prize. At the end of the competition, all the contestants and teachers and students turned on the camera and sang a song about loving each other's family. They conveyed warmth and emotion during the epidemic, felt the unity of the whole public health college family, and strengthened the confidence of epidemic prevention work.

This activity not only released the emotion of students who had been sleeping for many days, but also provided a platform for students to display their talents. I believe that this activity can bring warmth to students in difficult times and leave unforgettable memories for students. In this unsettled spring, although the epidemic has stopped the pace of students, music and warmth are always accompanied.

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