”A series of activities of "psychological health education for freshmen in the adaptation period of 2022 grade graduate students" - group psychological counseling for freshmen in the School of Public Health
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From October 15 to 19, 2022, at the call of the School's Student Mental Health Guidance Center, the School of Public Health launched a group psychological counseling activity for freshmen classes with the theme of "We are a loving family" to promote the acquaintance of freshmen class members, build mutual trust, enhance team cohesion, and enrich graduate students' after-school life. This activity was hosted by Li Yuyu, a peer psychological counselor for graduate students, assisted by professional psychological committee members, and attended by all 2022 graduate students.

The activity consists of six parts, namely, self-introduction, "I guess what you draw", "emotional placebo", "reasons for not being upset", "my day" and meeting summary. In the self-introduction section, we fully introduced ourselves to let each other know each other, and our familiarity with each other also created a good foundation for the next section. In the "You draw and I guess" section, everyone can speak freely. The students fully enjoy the game, and the activity is pushed to the climax with laughter. In the "emotional placebo" section, the students scored their own recent emotions and got a preliminary understanding of their emotional status. Later, everyone spoke actively about the troubles they had encountered in their study and life since the beginning of school. In the face of the difficulties of the narrator, everyone actively made suggestions to help the students with difficulties to relieve their irritability. In the "My Day" section, everyone shared their own methods of balancing scientific research activities and leisure and entertainment activities. Finally, the organizer concluded that emotion is like a carriage, and reason is the reins. Smart drivers know how to calm their emotions, allocate their energy reasonably, and enjoy the journey of life happily.

This group psychological counseling activity with the theme of "We are a loving family" has narrowed the distance between the students and improved the communication between them. Throughout the whole process of the activity, every student has participated in and returned with all his heart.

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