Recruitment notice for professional teachers of School of public health of Jilin University in 2022
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According to the requirements of the management measures for the employment of newly recruited personnel of Jilin University and the management measures for the employment of newly recruited teachers of Jilin University (for Trial Implementation), and in combination with the needs of work, the school of public health of Jilin University plans to recruit a lecturer to the public. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

1、 Recruitment conditions

1. Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, adhere to the correct political direction and abide by the Constitution and laws.

2. Have noble moral sentiment, abide by the code of conduct and academic ethics of college teachers, have good physical and mental health, love their posts and dedication, and have a strong sense of dedication and responsibility.

3. Have relatively strong education and teaching, scientific research ability and good development potential, and have the basic conditions for obtaining the qualification of teachers in Colleges and universities.

4. Doctoral students who have graduated and obtained corresponding degrees and have professional background in public health and preventive medicine shall obtain graduation certificates and degree certificates before September 30, 2022.

5. In principle, the age of the applicant shall not exceed 35 years old (born on or after December 1, 1986). For professionals who have achieved landmark achievements or are in urgent need of teaching, scientific research and discipline construction and development, the age requirements can be relaxed appropriately, but the maximum age shall not exceed 5 years old (born after December 1, 1981).

6. Must publicly publish 2 or more SCI retrieval academic papers as the first author, or obtain other scientific research achievements of equivalent level; The corresponding equivalent of published academic monographs (teaching materials), scientific research achievement awards and other achievements shall be recognized by the academic committee of our college.

2、 Application materials

1. Resume: including the applicant's basic information, learning and work experience, awards, participation in teaching and scientific research.

2. Publish the full text of scientific research papers and search pages (or provide supporting materials).

3. Relevant certificates: including ID card, academic (degree) certificate, transcript, PDF scanned copy or copy of award certificate (the inspection time of the original submitted materials will be notified separately, and the copy will not be returned to me).

3、 Relevant treatment:

In accordance with the relevant provisions of Jilin University.

4、 Registration method and schedule:

Candidates who meet the above registration qualifications and conditions and volunteer to apply, please register with the school of public health with the application materials before December 17, 2021, or send the PDF version of the application materials to the designated mailbox. The email and resume are named "graduation school + major + education + name". The specific matters of the assessment will be notified separately after the qualification examination.

5、 Employment related policies

Jilin university implements the post employment system for newly recruited teachers, cashes the relevant benefits according to the employment post, and determines the employment method. Newly hired lecturers and teachers above shall be employed by the school, and an employment contract shall be signed with the school. A fixed employment period is generally 3 years.

If the performance achievements of newly hired lecturer teachers in the first employment period meet the basic performance conditions for teachers to evaluate and hire teaching and scientific research and heavy associate professors, and the evaluation results of the employment period are "qualified" or above, the school can continue to hire and sign the second fixed-term employment contract. If you are promoted to associate professor or above during the first or second term of employment, the school can employ for a long time from the next term of employment after promotion; At the end of the second employment period, the school will not continue to employ those who have not been promoted to associate professor or above.

6、 Discipline and supervision

1. Strictly implement the avoidance system in accordance with the provisions on personnel management avoidance in public institutions and the opinions of Jilin University on Further Strengthening the construction of work avoidance system.

2. Candidates must truthfully fill in and provide relevant materials. If they find that the filling contents are untrue, provide false materials and other violations of discipline and law, once verified, their application procedures will be terminated or their employment will be terminated. If the proposed employee does not obtain the corresponding academic degree before the specified check-in date, he cannot be employed.

3. In case of fraud, favoritism and other acts in the recruitment process, once verified, the school will investigate the responsibility of the specific responsible person and cancel the qualification of the employed person.

7、 Epidemic prevention instructions for candidates

Candidates should strictly implement the epidemic prevention regulations of Changchun municipal government and Jilin University. Truthfully report your physical condition and travel. If you conceal it or cause serious consequences, the applicant shall bear the corresponding responsibility.

8、 Contact information

Contact: Mr. Liu

Tel: 0431-85619181

mail box: martin6t@jlu.edu.cn

Mailing address: room 310, School of public health, Jilin University, No. 1163, Xinmin Street, Changchun City, Jilin Province

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December 3, 2021


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