Measures for the "application and assessment system" of doctoral student enrollment in the school of public health of Jilin University in 2022
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1、 Working principle

1. Adhere to the principle of safety first.

2. Adhere to the principle of fairness and justice.

3. Adhere to the principle of scientific talent selection.

2、 Organization

The college has established a leading group for postgraduate enrollment, which is fully responsible for the doctoral enrollment of the College of public health in 2022; Set up an examination proposition group; Establish a technical support team; Establish epidemic prevention and control team; Establish a qualification examination team; Establish a supervision and inspection team.

3、 Examination method

According to the situation of epidemic prevention and control in Jilin Province and our university, in order to ensure the life safety and health of candidates and teachers, students and employees of our university, the school examination leading group decided to adopt the network remote examination for the doctoral student enrollment examination in 2022.

4、 Preparation before examination

The same professional examination of the college adopts a unified software platform. Before the test, contact each online candidate in advance to confirm whether the candidate meets the online test conditions. Connect with the examinee to do an advance drill and conduct a network qualification examination, and strengthen the examination and verification of the examinee's identity by using technical means such as "face recognition" and "ID card recognition", so as to prevent "substitute examination". Sign the letter of commitment for integrity examination with candidates one by one to ensure the authenticity of the submitted materials and the integrity of the examination process. Strengthen the supervision of the examination process, study and formulate systematic and feasible management methods, strictly prevent fraud and malpractice for personal gain in the examination, and record and record the whole examination process. Mock test drill to ensure that candidates should know and master. Conduct online examination training for each examination teacher and staff, be familiar with the use of software and work flow, and shall not participate in the examination without training.

5、 Candidate qualification

(1) Foreign language proficiency meets any of the following requirements

1. The score of CET-4 or CET-6 is 425 or above.

2. TOEFL score of 90 or above.

3. IELTS score of 6 or above.

4. GRE score of 300 or above (New).

5. CET-4 or CET-8 with a score of 60 or above.

6. WSK (pets-5) score 60 or above.

7. Pass CET-4 of Russian major or crt4 of national university or the foreign Russian level examination of the Russian Federation ТРКИ B1 and above.

8. Pass CET-4 of Japanese major or CET-4 of National University of Japanese (cjt4) or Japanese Proficiency Test (JLPT) N2 or above.

9. Obtain a master's or doctoral degree in English, Japanese and Russian speaking countries or regions.

10. For those who have more than 1 year (including 1 year) full-time learning experience abroad (English, Japanese and Russian are the main local daily languages and teaching languages), these personnel shall provide proof of learning experience and transcripts.

(2) Academic achievement standards and related requirements: one of the following academic achievements has been achieved:

(1) Natural Science: the first author (or tutor as the first author and examinee as the second author) publishes academic papers in SCI English journals. Social Sciences: the first author (or tutor as the first author and examinee as the second author) publishes academic papers in SCI or class D and above journals.

(2) Apply for a patent with the first author (or tutor as the first author and examinee as the second author).

(3) For applicants who have no papers or patents but other achievements, and have strong academic and scientific research ability, professional development potential and innovative spirit, the next assessment link can be carried out only after the strict actual ability assessment organized by the College Assessment Working Group.

(4) Relevant scientific research achievements, patents, published (or hired) papers, etc. shall be calculated from January 1, 2019.

(5) Mental health, team spirit and cooperation spirit.

6、 Qualification examination

The examination working group of the school of public health evaluates the application materials submitted by candidates (an evaluation team is formed based on disciplines to evaluate candidates). According to the examinee's foreign language level, academic performance, master's thesis, participation in scientific research, publication of papers and awards, the score is given according to the 100 point system (the examinee with an evaluation score of less than 60 points is unqualified and will not enter the comprehensive assessment of the next stage). Within the scope of the proportion of candidates entering the comprehensive assessment, the list of candidates entering the comprehensive assessment shall be selected and published on the website of the school of public health.

Submit review materials:

1. A copy of the application information summary form for doctoral students of Jilin University (downloaded and printed by the doctoral student registration system of Jilin University, and the "self description" column and the signature of the promisor shall be handwritten by the examinee).

2. Copy of foreign language proficiency certificate.

3. My research plan during my doctoral study requires about 3000 words.

4. Letters of recommendation issued by two professors (or experts with equivalent professional and technical titles) in the applied discipline and professional field.

5. Copy of the applicant's second-generation ID card.

6. Copies of undergraduate and master's degrees and academic certificates (fresh master graduates submit copies of student cards). Those with master's degrees must provide academic certification report: "China higher education student information network" (website: http://www.chsi.com.cn )Query my education (student status) information; Candidates who have obtained degrees abroad shall be provided with the study abroad service center of the Ministry of education( http://www.cscse.edu.cn/publish/portal0/ )Academic certificate issued.

7. Graduate transcript. It shall be provided by the Graduate Management Department of the candidate's school and stamped with the official seal; Non fresh graduates can be provided by the personnel department where the examinee's files are located or the file management department of the graduation school with official seal.

8. Full text of master's thesis (persons who have obtained master's degree) or abstract of master's thesis (fresh graduates).

9. Award certificates, published papers, obtained authorized patents and other supporting materials of original research results.

10. Electronic version of letter of commitment for integrity examination. (must be signed in person, document name: Name + letter of commitment)

The above application materials shall be arranged in the order of the above list. After all signatures and seals are completed, color scanning or photos (PDF format) shall be taken. The document naming format is: "proposed major + tutor name + student name", and the electronic version shall be sent to 1179853401@qq.com (e-mail name "full time doctoral application materials").

The deadline for receiving all the above electronic materials is 8:00 a.m. on December 10, 2021.

(2) In any of the following circumstances, the examination qualification and admission qualification shall be cancelled:

Those who fail to pass the qualification examination; Materials are fake or do not meet the requirements; The photos on the graduation certificate or resident ID card are inconsistent with those of the person; Graduate students who are not fresh graduates; It is inconsistent with the requirements of the general rules and professional catalogue of the examination for the recruitment of doctoral students in Jilin University in 2022.

7、 Assessment scope and content

1. Assessment scope

To strengthen the comprehensive examination and comprehensive evaluation of students, we should not only pay attention to the assessment of academic knowledge, but also strengthen the examination of candidates' professional ability and quality and scientific research and innovation potential, and pay attention to students' examination results and consistent performance.

According to the requirements of professional training objectives, test the examinee's ability to comprehensively use the knowledge learned, scientific research and innovation ability, master the frontier fields and the latest research trends of the discipline, and test the examinee's foreign language ability. The examination shall also refer to the examination of candidates' application materials and conduct a comprehensive evaluation to judge whether candidates have the potential and quality of doctoral training.

The assessment of Ideological and political quality and morality is an important content of the doctoral enrollment examination and an important basis for admission. Those who fail to pass the assessment will not be admitted. The main contents of Ideological and political quality and moral character assessment include candidates' political attitude, ideological performance, learning (work) attitude, moral quality, discipline and law-abiding, honesty and trustworthiness, etc.

2. Assessment content and score

The assessment shall be conducted by means of comprehensive assessment and interview, with a full score of 100 points. Assessment contents include:

(1) Investigation of academic background knowledge: investigation of undergraduate studies, research work of master's thesis, achievements, achievements and understanding of the major applied for.

(2) Scientific research ability test: To investigate the ability to analyze and solve problems by using the basic principles of the discipline, the degree of mastery of medical scientific research methods, and the research ideas, expected results, innovative ideas, etc.

(3) Comprehensive quality test (including oral expression): mainly investigate the examinee's foreign language level, ideological and political morality and psychological state; Investigate team consciousness, organization and cooperation ability, dedication, etc; Investigate the amount of knowledge and vision outside the professional field.

3. Notes for candidates

(1) In principle, candidates participating in the online examination shall use mobile phones and computers to participate in the examination, confirm whether the mobile phones and computers operate normally in advance, and close QQ, wechat and other communication app software in time. The examination adopts double seats. Each candidate needs to prepare two video equipment to take the examination. (2) Before the formal examination, the examination working group shall conduct a surrounding inspection on the examinee's surrounding environment, show the examinee's ears, and shall not deliberately cover up during the examination. (3) During the examination, the whole body of the candidate appears in the image (4) ensure the good and stable network signals such as WiFi, broadband or mobile phone traffic, and ensure the smooth progress of the examination. If the network is interrupted for more than 1 minute, change the interview topic, and if the current candidate is disconnected and temporarily unable to connect, adjust to the last (5) confirm that the surrounding environment is quiet, And no one will interrupt or affect the examination; Make sure the background is clean and tidy (6) make sure the light is bright. (7) For candidates who have delayed, interrupted answers or obviously contrary to common sense answers, the examination shall be organized again separately. Before the examination, it is necessary to carry out network remote test drill, and each examination working group shall arrange personnel to carry out simulated examination drill the day before the examination.

8、 Admission principle:

Take the total score as the final admission basis. After the examination, the examination results and the list of candidates will be published on the website of the school of public health.

9、 About information disclosure

Please join QQ group: 585304518. Candidates who take part in the examination may appeal to the college within three working days after the announcement of the results if they question the examination process and admission results. Contact information: send email liyin@jlu.edu.cn

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