Along the way, we share the same aspiration -- the College of Public Health held a lecture on radiation medicine employment guidance
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In order to help students to reasonably analyze their own professional orientation and correctly guide their awareness of self-employment, the Zhitongdao Nuclear Society of Jilin University successfully held the nuclear medicine discipline topic of the career guidance lecture of radiation medicine specialty on the Tencent conference platform at 19:00 on May 23, including Kou Changgui, the vice president of the School of Public Health, Liu Jinchao, the vice secretary and vice president of the Party Committee, Su Guofan, the director of the Student Work Office, and Leng Hexuan, the instructor Counselor Liu Xinyi and Professor Shen Yannan, director of the Radiobiology Teaching and Research Office, attended the activity and gave guidance.

As the special guest of this lecture, Professor Chen Bin, deputy chief physician of nuclear medicine discipline, medical doctor, master's tutor, and young member of the China Imaging Technology Branch of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital of Jilin University, explained in detail the employment direction of nuclear medicine, the development status of the whole nuclear medicine discipline and related departments, and patiently answered the students' doubts, and told them in simple and easy terms.

First of all, Professor Chen Bin analyzed the employment contract signing rate of 2022 college graduates and its related influencing factors, and then, combining his personal career development experience with his friends around him, he explained to the students in depth "what is a good job" and the importance of his first job to his career; After that, it analyzed the characteristics of international nuclear medicine with a large amount of data, and then detailed the work arrangement of nuclear medicine and the development of imaging in the future. It also expounded several common misconceptions of students about nuclear medicine, such as "whether night shift is required", "radiation dose size", etc; Finally, the history, honors and clinical composition of the nuclear medicine discipline of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital were introduced in detail, with the focus on the PET molecular imaging center.

After listening to Professor Chen Bin's wonderful speech, enter the second part of the activity - "Question and Communication Time". The students actively participated in the exchange and interaction, actively opened the microphone to ask some of their own little doubts and questions about the future career of nuclear medicine, opened their hearts, and there was a collision between the mind and the heart, including problems related to radioactive contact sources, related possible work flow arrangements, the prospects of nuclear medicine and the development of regional strength, and how the students facing the career choice should apply for the examination, etc. The students asked enthusiastically, Professor Chen Bin answered patiently and the conference room was full of vitality.

At the end of the activity, Professor Shen Yannan made a concluding speech on the lecture, stressing that students should establish correct employment, career, outlook on life and values, understand their own development status, position themselves, think deeply about what they should do and choose in the future, and call on students to make positive efforts for their career and social development!

The smooth progress of this lecture helped students to clear the fog of nuclear medicine, understand and understand nuclear medicine more clearly and correctly, and lay a solid foundation for their future career choice and establish a correct outlook on employment. In addition, Professor Chen Bin's very relaxed teaching style, I believe that this lecture will leave a beautiful and unforgettable impression on the students' college career.

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