The online defense of the 2022 undergraduate thesis of the College of Public Health was successfully completed
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According to the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control work, in order to fully implement the work arrangement of Jilin University on the online defense of undergraduate graduates, the College of Public Health successfully carried out the online "cloud" defense of the 2022 undergraduate graduation thesis on June 6-11, 2022. This online defense relies on the "iThesis" of the undergraduate defense of Jilin University, which makes full use of information technology, and the defense process is rigorous, standardized and orderly. A total of 177 students from the three majors of preventive medicine, radiation medicine and information management and information system of the college successfully passed the defense of the undergraduate thesis.

The graduation thesis is an important part of the undergraduate talent training plan, and also a necessary link to examine the students' professional quality and comprehensive practical ability. The college leaders, the director of the teaching and research section and the teachers participating in the defense attach great importance to the defense of the thesis. The change in the form of reply has not affected the quality of reply. All instructors of the School of Public Health make full use of WeChat, email and other communication means to maintain close communication with students, pay attention to the progress of the graduation thesis, and minimize the impact of the epidemic on the undergraduate graduation thesis. At the same time, the whole process of supervising the students' graduation thesis opening, mid-term inspection, repetition rate detection and other work, resolutely put an end to academic misconduct.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the online defense, the relevant responsible person, in accordance with the provisions of the Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Defense of the 2022 Undergraduate Thesis (Design), strictly formulated the defense process, sent the defense groups, defense forms, defense requirements, etc. to the teachers and students in advance in the form of documents, and organized all the staff to participate in the training session on defense precautions held by the school, The students have completed the preparation of online defense in an orderly manner, including revising and checking the duplication of graduation thesis, determining and downloading the corresponding main platform and backup platform for online defense in advance. In addition, the six defense teams of the college carried out the pre-answer and equipment debugging work on June 4, and each student carried out the network and conference equipment debugging and defense PPT trial play in advance. The problems in the pre-answer process were also solved in time to ensure that all students could successfully complete the paper report and defense.

Due to the full preparation of the preliminary work, the whole defense process is clear and rigorous. The teachers and students entered the conference room through the "Tencent Conference Education Edition of Jilin University", and the defense host explained the defense rules and announced the formal start of the defense. The average defense time of each student is about ten minutes. From the students' presentation of the defense PPT and the paper report, to the defense experts' questions and suggestions for revision of the paper, and finally the defense host announces the defense team's defense resolution and defense results, all links are orderly connected and closely coordinated. At the same time, in order to ensure openness and transparency, the online defense realized the whole process of recording and recording, and retained the key screen shots. After the completion of the defense, the defense secretary shall sort out and archive the online defense audio and video, defense materials and other relevant documents. The defense experts did a good job of evaluation in time, and students continued to improve their graduation thesis according to the guidance. Through the joint efforts of all teachers and students, the online defense work of undergraduate graduates has been successfully completed, and the expected results have been achieved.

This online defense strengthened the communication between teachers and students, showed the rigorous academic attitude and good spirit of the college teachers and students in the face of the epidemic, and ensured the completion of the graduation defense with quality and quantity. The graduation thesis defense of the College of Public Health has come to an end, and the college life of the graduates is about to end. Here, I wish the graduates a bright future.

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