The School of Public Health held a class meeting on the theme of "spiritual communication"
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In order to promote communication among students, establish mutual trust, enhance group cohesion, and eliminate the students' bad psychological feelings during the epidemic, and relieve the pressure of study, the college organized an online "spiritual communication" theme class meeting on the evening of October 14 and 15. Students' peer psychological counselors and students in charge of the psychological department organized 2022 undergraduate students to participate in this activity in an orderly manner.

The psychological class meeting was divided into three stages: warm-up stage, discussion stage and end stage. In the warm-up stage, the psychological department prepared "swing the clock" activity, "brain twister", "listen to music and recognize music" and other warm-up games, which are designed to let students relax and make their bodies and brains move quickly. The students also actively participate in the class meeting, and the atmosphere is relaxed and active. At the discussion stage, we prepared "emotional placebo", "reasons for not being upset", "my day" and other discussion activities. At this stage, we discussed the problems during the epidemic, the unaccustomed since entering college, and the plan and arrangement in study and life, aiming to help students solve the problems and puzzles in college life, so that students can learn more reasonable daily arrangements, and become more comfortable in study and life. At the final closing stage, the assistant announced the list of award-winning students in the warm-up game and praised them. In the class meeting, the host also introduced the school's psychological consultation resources to the students, which built a bridge between the students and the student's psychological health guidance center.

The successful implementation of the "spiritual communication" theme class meeting not only alleviated the psychological pressure of students during the epidemic, promoted communication between students, enhanced group cohesion, but also improved students' mental health knowledge, and improved their ability to understand and analyze, resolve conflicts, and relieve pressure. I believe that students can face college life with a positive and optimistic attitude and harvest a beautiful and full life experience.

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