Radiation Medicine Class 2 of the School of Public Health 2015 Held Psychological Communication Class
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    To promote the class members in a new semester to establish new target help understanding and communication of the students learning life encountered confusion, ease the pressure, build confidence, and to enhance the cohesion of the group, guide students to see their own others with unique, an increase of students in the collective life of happiness sense, lay a healthy psychological foundation for later life, School of public health class of 2015 of radiation medicine second class on April 8 in the teaching building of the central campus Li Siguang 113 classroom organization carried out the theme of "lie to me" psychological communication theme class meeting.
    Class begins at about two in the afternoon, the students arriving in classroom sets, in the squad for the students to simple introduced the purpose of the group counseling and general arrangement after, in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the students and enthusiasm, the members of the organization of the students psychological have for themselves the "code" to facilitate the further game. Immediately after the first game was all by lottery on the blackboard in order to write code specified by the students, in order to promote people to each other's familiarity with. Then lead by the monitor, we take turns telling their own "truth", to the class about their distress and once confused. In order to further help to ease the confusion to soul communication. In the next game to join "lie to me" link, the enthusiasm of the people gradually mobilized, the atmosphere gradually reached a climax, activities students devoted, good interaction, in the game in the collision sparks a lot of wit and humour, atmosphere of joy smart, laughter and applause after another to promote the students emotional communication, counseling psychological pressure, to enhance the happiness and a sense of belonging to. Finally, the activities in the warm applause of the students to a successful conclusion.
    Through the psychology class, the students feel to happiness psychological education effect, helping them realize how to talk and listen is a happy thing, students for life's challenges with confidence, motivation to learn also more adequate, also from the game everybody mutual respect, communicate with each other, each airs his own views, in unison, greatly improving the team cohesion and centripetal force, promotes the collective concept.

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