School of public health to meet the school 55th session of track and field games preparations for the activities of "big dance" training
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To greet the arrival of the 55th session of track and field sports meeting of jilin university, school of public health, make the team during the opening ceremony of the games and can have a wonderful performance, school of public health at 8 a.m. on April 9, 30 in the center of campus basketball court lead students to the big dance training. Level 2015, all the students took an active part in the most full of confidence and high morale in the sporting event cuhk.

The training lasted more than two hours, even in the cold wind blowing, the students are training very seriously, first review the content of rehearsal before, and then by the arts department minister and members in the formation of choreography and guide students how to cooperate to complete this section of the dance. As the students trained hard, again and again big dance has already begun to take shape. School of public health, the layout of the big dance than usual steps more intense, more rapid pace, though in a way that is segmented teaching students learning, the big dance rehearsal process is full of all sorts of challenges, but it's still actively cooperate with the students not only have no complain about training, more embodies the school of public health at the students' ability of unity and cooperation.

Although this activity is just a training of the big dance group project, but it fully shows the elegant demeanor of students, the school of public health not only make students more accurately grasp the movement of the essentials, also let everybody in the team practice in the process of the strong physique, improve the friendship. Believe that through the unity and mutual assistance and common struggle of all students, school of public health, the big dance team must be able to excellent results in the sports meeting.




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