School of public health in 2016 jilin university badminton championships again
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To help college students fitness, rich after school life, exercise group cooperation ability, promote the communication between the campus colleges, sponsored by the sports college of jilin university college badminton championships on April 9, 2016 in the central campus gymnasium underway opened. The school of public health, clan groups and individuals involved in the mix, and monopoly in the game, become the focus of the field.

Athletes have ignited the gym vigorous figure, angry and vitality, the sound of the ball body hitting in the racket at the stadium, the large exceptionally warm atmosphere, the school of public health, participating teams, especially with a bright color that grabs an eye. Dancing in the air of badminton, often with surprising speed, towards the opposite motor-boat skimmed with sharp Angle, and tend to be opposite flexible racquets to quick-witted response, with the bag of attackandkill back. Crowd of onlookers had attracted to stand for excellent turn, and when the right players victory since the heart burst into cheers and roared, the best for each participant to encourage with spirit here. School of public health, through the unremitting efforts of all team members, eventually won the men's team won third prize of good grades.

This activity not only enrich the extracurricular life of college students, to help college students to keep fit, temporarily put down the book, out of the dormitory, a nap in the mind, and exercise the students' collective unity cooperation ability and grasped the nettle of strong will. Excellent performance of the school of public health, but also promote the hospital have the courage to compete, youth passionate positive spirit of competitive sports, is helpful for the upcoming spring sports.




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