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On June 12, 2015, in the conference room of the school of public health, medical teaching and research section of law in the phase of the medical students forum of law, 46 teacher liu chang presided over the activity. Activities of the participants, from afar, Harbin medical university college of humanities and social science teaching and research section of law all the teachers, school of public health, medical teaching and research section of law in our school, all the teachers and teaching and research section of the graduate students.

Forum to the students "academic exchanges, intelligent collision" as the theme, the host liu teacher to students after the brief introduction of forum, the official start of the report, first by the medical law six graduate students with their own research progress or individuals interested in research content, the research purpose, research contents, research methods, target and so on has carried on the detailed report, each graduate student research direction is different, content is rich and colorful. Including medical method to explore the content of the judicial identification system, at the intersection of professional graduate student of the practical project content, law characteristic outstanding legal nature of the content of the article, and some of the experiences of health supervision. By report helped the students to each other understanding of each other the research content, enrich their knowledge and broadened their research train of thought, in the graduate report has been completed, Harbin medical university's teachers and students of reporting problems are put forward.

By the students in the Forum academic report let us know more specific to two schools in the professional construction, personnel training mode, it should the difference and the characteristic, through this way to communicate at the same time also increased our university and Harbin major medical law professional academic exchanges between the medical thing. 






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