The school of public health, a full staff meeting
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To deal with the fulfillment of all work of the new semester, the school of public health, on March 31 in the afternoon in the school hall on the third floor of a full staff meeting, the meeting shall be presided over by party secretary Zhong Shaofeng, floor staff attended the meeting.

First dean li Juan interpretation work points in 2016, the college discipline construction, undergraduate education and laboratory management, the graduate student education, scientific research and development of science and technology, foreign affairs, administrative work, students work in seven aspects specific work for 2016 28 administrative work has carried on the comprehensive deployment, has been clear about the goal of the new term, encourage the floor staff riveting sufficient motivation, to strengthen the construction of college teaching and scientific research level, efforts to improve the competitive ability of the college.

Then Zhong Shaofeng secretary around, scratching theory study, standardization of the party branch construction, grasp the party's activities, under the united front work and retired, grasp the party's style of honest construction five aspects of party committee of priorities for 2016. Also conveyed the secretary and the principal yuan-yuan li zhen-bin Yang work conference speech at school, to work during the "twelfth five-year review, the current situation and the key work has carried on the brief analysis in 2016.

Finally Zhong Shuji communicate with floor staff personal some thoughts for the work of college, he points out that to find direction, with living pace, long-term planning, the key breakthrough, best of all the work. At the same time, he also pointed out the problems existing in the college development, must strengthen the introduction of high-end talent, high-level platform construction, team construction, active as and solidarity and collaboration, incentive and partial staff with full enthusiasm devoting themselves to their work, promoting the development of various undertakings institute! 



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