School of public health at a lecture on fire control safety knowledge
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                For fire control safety consciousness of the general staff, improve the ability of risk aversion and the ability to escape, the school of public health, on March 17, was held in the school hall on the third floor on the afternoon of the fire control safety knowledge lecture, lecture presided over by vice-president Liu Hanjun, changchun invited group of Ann history of the center of the fire prevention knowledge propaganda section chief instructor, xinmin campus security office Ann are floor staff provide fire safety knowledge.

                Lecture first surrounding gas pan fire, fire, household electrical appliances such as fire, auto fire fire cases in common, which is closely linked with the worker life combined with pictures and video attracted attention, tell everyone how this kind of fire prevention and fighting; Then tells the crowded places such as school, hotel, business to wait how to escape a fire; Finally introduced the commonly used fire extinguishers, the use of the rope to escape, escape hammer skills, ensure that can effectively play its biggest effect when the fire broke out.

                Through this lecture, greatly improving the staff's fire safety consciousness and ability of distress to escape, effectively improve the campus security soft power, and ensure the staff's life and property security, create a harmonious and stable working and living environment. 




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