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Programs for Master of Medical Physics (Six-year)

  • Training objectives

At the end of the course students will:

  • Have good quality of professional ethics, spirit of innovation, practical abilities and independent learning capabilities
  • Have a good command of basic theories and technologies of radiological medicine systematically
  • Have a good scientific literacy and be a high quality medical physicist with spirit of innovation and competitiveness
  • Have chance to work in the departments of radiotherapy or medical imageology, or continue with PHD program
  • Basic business requirements

Students are required to go through examinations of every basic courses, professional courses and practical courses, and obtain the following knowledge and abilities:

  • Be ability to collect medical history comprehensively, systematically and correctly
  • Provide physical and technical supports for medical imaging and radiotherapy
  • Be good at clinical thinking and expression
  • Be ability to make designs of radiotherapy treatment planning, dosage calculation and quality controlling
  • Be ability to perform techniques of radiodiagnosis and radiotherapy and also quality management
  • Be ability to complete installing, maintenance and feature development of modern medical imaging equipment
  • Be ability to apply appropriate clinical techniques of diagnosis and treatments for specific situations
  • Be ability to make effective communications with patients and their families
  • Be ability to make professional communications with doctors, nurses and other health care professionals
  • Be ability to make independent readings and obtain new knowledge of medical related issues
  • Be ability to propagate healthy lifestyle behaviours and knowledge of diseases control and prevention to patients and the public
  • Have abilities of autonomous learning and life-long learning
  • Major disciplines and main courses
  • Major disciplines: basic medicine, clinical medicine, radiological medicine
  • Main courses: physiology, anthropotomy, histology and embryology, biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology, introduction to clinical
  • medicine, internal medicine, surgery, nuclear physics, radiotoxicology, radiation dosimetry, radiobiology, radiation injury, radiation oncology, nuclear medicine, diagnostic imaging, radiohygiene, medical imaging physics, radiophysics, medical imaging equipments, radiation therapy equipment,medical imageology, radiotherapy dosimetry
  • Practice teaching: clinicalpractice, graduation practice
  • Length of learning

6 years

  • Degree

Master of Medicine

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