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    Preventive medicine experimental teaching centre (the Centre) was founded in 2008 by uniting resources from laboratories of various departments in School of Public Health, Jilin University. The Centre now has a group of 15 peoplewith long teaching experience and high academic competency, and 8 among the group have advanced academic title, 9 medium, and 1 primary. 38.1% has a master degree or above. The Centre executes a well organised and managed open lab policy and is at the moment focusing on improving education quality and facilitating students gaining practical lab skills, which would contribute to moving the university further into higher level of research.

    The Centre has in total 6 functional laboratories, including Air Physical and Chemical Testing Lab, Water Quality Physical and Chemical Testing Lab, Biological Material Testing Lab, Hygiene Toxicology Lab, Biological Safety Lab, and Food Safety Testing Lab.

    The Centre is equipped with atomic absorption spectrophotometer, gas chromatograph, high performance liquid chromatograph, Ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometer, Molecular fluorescence spectrometer, Atomic fluorescence spectrometer, ICP, High speed low temperature centrifuge, Constant temperature inversion microscope, biosafety cabinet, Ultra low temperature freezer, CO2 couveuse, Microplate Reader, and many other advanced instruments.  

    The Centre is capable of doing all kinds of chemical analyses, microorganism inspection, morphological inspection, biological effect testing, toxicity identification, air quality testing of living and working environment, health food functional assessment, food safety assessment, toxicology safety assessment.

    The Centre every year holds 21 courses of 600 academic hours for 150 undergraduates from the 5 majors available within the school, which are Preventive Medicine, Hygiene Inspection, Nutrition and Food Hygiene, Medical Law, Medical Informatics. The Centre has in total 128 experiment projects, among which 51.7% are verification experiment, 29.1% comprehensive experiment, 14.3% designable experiment, 3.2% researchable experiment, 1.7% demonstrative experiment. Furthermore, the Centre provides 18 weeks of practical trainingon graduation design projects for the undergraduates, basic research training for more than 80 students from 7-year program of clinical medicine, and also offers experimental equipment and environment along with basic experimental skill training for undergraduate open and innovative projects. The total number of students that the Centre involves in training every year, including undergraduates, postgraduates, and 7-year program, exceeds 300, which is no less than 40000 hour× person.


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