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Jilin University School of Public Health successfully held online academic activities
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In order to improve the statistical analysis ability of students and promote the development of the discipline of the college, it is funded by the school-level high-end project of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department of the college. On November 12, 2022, the college specially invited Professor Jiang Depeng, Department of Public Health, University of Manitoba, Canada, to give an online lecture on advanced biostatistical methods. Professor Jiang is now a tenured professor in the Department of Public Health of the University of Manitoba, Canada, and also the head of the Statistical Advisory Group of the University of Manitoba. He is also a specially invited expert of the "Chunhui Program" of the Ministry of Education of China. The lecture was hosted by Kou Changgui, the vice president of the College of Public Health, and more than 50 graduate students and relevant teachers of the College participated in the study.

Professor Jiang's report is entitled "How to use SAS PROCs to estimate inflection points and their variances". This report describes the challenges we may encounter when using SAS Proc NLMixed, and we will discuss some solutions to these challenges. In SAS, Proc VLMixed is used to fit the nonlinear random effect model and estimate the inflection point.

After the lecture, the teachers and students actively interacted with Professor Jiang and said that the lecture benefited a lot and hoped that there would be more opportunities for exchange and learning.

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