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The school of public health organized micro demonstration teaching activities in the autumn semester of 2021-2022 academic year
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In order to further strengthen the training of teachers' basic teaching skills, improve teachers' classroom teaching ability and improve teaching quality, according to the relevant requirements of the notice on organizing and carrying out medical micro demonstration teaching guidance in the autumn semester of 2021-2022 academic year issued by Bethune Medical Department, the school of public health was in the conference room on the first floor of the school on the afternoon of October 22, 2021, Carry out micro demonstration teaching activities in the autumn semester of 2021-2022 academic year. Professor Wu Yuntao and Professor Li Zhongmin, experts of the education and teaching steering group of Jilin University, Jiang Chunming, deputy director of the medical education research and teacher development center, Professor Yu Shuangcheng, a famous teaching teacher in Jilin Province, Professor Jin shunzi, director of the college's Teaching Committee, Professor Liu ya, supervisor of the college's Teaching Committee As a guiding expert, Professor Liu Hongjian, the school inspector, gave on-site guidance to the teachers' micro demonstration teaching. The event was presided over by Vice President Kou Changgui. Professor Liu Yawen, President of the conference, attended the event and participated in the whole process.

A total of 20 teachers participated in the Microteaching demonstration. Each teacher selected the contents of the teaching tasks of this semester for 6-8 minutes of microteaching, and conducted synchronous online live broadcast on the learning platform. The experts listened to the teachers' on-site lectures, carefully reviewed each teacher's teaching plan, and commented on the writing of teaching plan, teaching design, curriculum thought and politics, teaching methods, teaching skills, blackboard writing design, teaching manners and other aspects. In view of the common problems, the experts put forward constructive suggestions, suggesting that the teaching process should clarify the teaching objectives, the teaching plan should reflect the teaching design, the quality of teaching courseware should be improved, efforts should be made to tap the ideological and political elements of the course, and learn to refine the teaching language. It is hoped that teachers will further optimize teaching courseware, carefully study relevant teaching materials and strengthen teaching design, so as to create a participatory classroom and mobilize students' learning enthusiasm with the goal of arousing students' interest and cultivating students' ability.

Finally, on behalf of the college, President Liu Yawen thanked the guidance experts for their careful guidance. The college will take this opportunity to promote the overall promotion of classroom teaching, further strengthen undergraduate teaching management, increase undergraduate teaching investment, and effectively improve the quality of undergraduate teaching and talent training.

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