Jilin University School of Public Health 2023 Professional Teacher Recruitment Notice
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According to the requirements of the "Management Measures for the Recruitment of New Personnel at Jilin University", "Management Measures for the Recruitment of New Teachers at Jilin University (Trial)", and the "Notice on Issuing the 2023 Personnel Supplement Plan", combined with the actual work needs of the college, the School of Public Health at Jilin University plans to publicly recruit one lecturer to the society. The relevant matters are now announced as follows:

 Recruitment conditions

1. Possess noble moral sentiments, adhere to the ethical and academic norms of university teachers, maintain physical and mental health, love and dedication, and possess a spirit of dedication and a strong sense of dedication and responsibility.

2. Possess relatively strong educational and scientific research abilities, as well as good development potential, and possess the basic conditions for obtaining the qualification of a teacher in a higher education institution.

3. Doctoral students should graduate and obtain corresponding degrees, with an educational background in public health and preventive medicine. Fresh graduates should obtain their graduation certificate and degree certificate before September 30, 2023.

4. The age of the applicant should not exceed 35 years old (born after February 1, 1988).

5. Must publicly publish 2 or more SCI retrieval academic papers as the lead author, or obtain other scientific research achievements of equivalent level; The corresponding equivalents of published academic monographs (textbooks), scientific research awards, and other achievements shall be recognized by our academic committee.

 Employment Management Method

Jilin University implements a job recruitment system for newly hired teachers, and determines the employment method based on the relevant benefits paid for the position. The newly hired lecturer position is hired by the school and a contract is signed with the school, with a fixed employment period of generally 3 years.

If the performance results achieved during the initial employment period of a newly hired lecturer position meet the basic performance requirements for the teaching and research associate professor position evaluated by our school, and the assessment result during the employment period is "qualified" or above, the school can continue to hire and sign a second fixed-term employment contract. If promoted to associate professor during the first or second term of employment, the school may hire for a long time starting from the next term after promotion; After the end of the second term of employment, those who have not been promoted to associate professors will no longer be hired by the school.

 Application materials

1. Fill out the "Jilin University School of Public Health Teacher Application Form" (see attachment)

2. Relevant proof materials, including ID card, academic degree certificate, award certificate, transcript, doctoral thesis, published academic paper full text and search page or relevant proof materials.

 Related benefits:

Follow the relevant regulations of Jilin University.

 Application process:

1. The applicant shall send the registration form and relevant proof materials in PDF format to the designated email address before March 10, 2023, with the email name "Doctoral graduation school+major+name", or send them to Room 310 of the Comprehensive Office of the School of Public Health, Jilin University. The specific matters of the assessment will be notified separately after the qualification review.

2. The college will conduct a unified qualification review and determine the list of participants in the assessment. Specific matters such as the assessment time and method will be notified separately.

3. Other matters not covered shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of Jilin University.

 Discipline and Supervision

1. Strictly implement the avoidance system in accordance with the requirements of the "Regulations on Personnel Management Avoidance in Public Institutions" and the "Opinions of Jilin University on Further Strengthening the Construction of Work Avoidance System".

2. Applicants must truthfully fill out and provide relevant materials. If they find that the information provided is not true, or if they provide false materials or engage in illegal activities, their application procedures will be terminated or their employment will be terminated once verified. If the proposed personnel have not obtained the corresponding education and degree before the specified check-in and employment date, they cannot be hired.

3. For those who engage in fraud, favoritism, and other behaviors during the recruitment process, once verified, the school will hold the specific responsible person accountable and cancel the recruitment qualifications of the hired personnel.

 Contact information

Contact person: Teacher Liu

Mailing Address: Room 310, School of Public Health, Jilin University, No. 1163 Xinmin Street, Changchun City, Jilin Province

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February 24, 2023


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