Recruitment notice for labor dispatch personnel of School of public health of Jilin University
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According to the work needs and with the approval of the University, the school of public health of Jilin University is now publicly recruiting one labor dispatch personnel inside and outside the University. The specific requirements and procedures are as follows:

1、 Recruitment position

1 person for laboratory, animal room and other related work.

2、 Basic conditions

1. Abide by the laws and regulations of the people's Republic of China, have excellent political quality, have good professional ethics, have the ability to perform post responsibilities, love and dedication, be good at cooperation, and have the ability of communication and coordination.

2. In principle, the age shall be under 55, subject to the date of birth of my ID card.

3. The candidate shall have a high school degree or above.

4. Be physically and mentally healthy, and be able to adapt to the job requirements.

3、 Recruitment procedure

(1) Sign up

Applicants need to fill in the application form (attachment), sign and paste the recent color bareheaded photos, and then scan them into a PDF file. The file name is "application form + name". There is no need to register on site. The registration deadline is October 26, 2021.

(2) Preliminary qualification examination

The unit shall conduct preliminary review on the electronic materials submitted by the candidates according to the post requirements and basic conditions. Those who pass the preliminary examination must bring the original and copy of their ID card and other materials to the school of public health for qualification examination.

(3) Assessment

The assessment shall be conducted by means of interview, and the time and place of assessment shall be notified separately. It mainly investigates whether the candidate has the comprehensive quality and working ability required by the post, including professional ability, business knowledge, professional ethics, etc.

(4) Determine the proposed candidates

According to the assessment results, the proposed personnel are determined through the research of the recruitment leading group.

(5) Publicity

The proposed personnel shall be publicized on the notice bulletin board on the home page of the college. If there is no objection to the publicity, the list of proposed personnel shall be sent to the human resources department of the University for filing and review.

(6) Physical examination

The labor dispatch company uniformly arranges the personnel to be employed to have a physical examination in the avant-garde campus hospital of Jilin University, and those who pass the physical examination shall go through the dispatch procedures.

(7) Dispatch procedures

The school organizes the school of public health, the proposed personnel and the labor dispatch company to jointly go through relevant procedures.

4、 Employment management

The labor dispatch personnel recruited this time are managed according to the labor dispatch method. The employed personnel are not included in the career establishment of Jilin University, do not enjoy the welfare benefits of career establishment, and participate in social insurance as required.

5、 Contact information

Contact: Mr. Liu

mail box: martin6t@jlu.edu.cn

Tel: (0431) 85619181

Office address: room 310, general office, School of public health (No. 1163, Xinmin Street)

School of public health, Jilin University

October 20, 2021

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