A series of reports on the orientation work of the school of public health in 2021 (VI) -- the school of public health successfully carried out the safety education for Freshmen
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In order to help 2021 freshmen quickly integrate into campus life, at 6:30 p.m. on October 17, the school of Public Health launched a series of safety education activities for freshmen in Room 204 of Li Siguang teaching building. An Zhicheng, a teacher of the new civil security office, served as the keynote teacher of this lecture. All 2021 students of the school of public health and counselor Su Guofan participated in this activity.

First of all, teacher an Zhicheng described in detail from the aspects of financial safety, fire safety, personal safety and national security. By telling real cases in the past, teacher an popularized several common theft methods in the dormitory, precautions for theft prevention in school public places and common causes of theft to the students, seriously and humorous, helped the students sum up experience and learn lessons, and recognized the importance of prevention in daily life, Ring the alarm for students to protect their own safety. Then, Mr. an specifically told the students about new fraud means such as false publicity, campus loan, telecommunications fraud and some anti fraud means, and introduced the application of "national anti fraud center" to help the students reduce the risk of being cheated. Finally, Mr. an suggested that students should timely ask the school security office for help in case of problems, always be vigilant in daily life, enhance the ability to identify risks, improve their own safety awareness and prevention awareness, and ensure personal safety and property safety. So far, the activity was successfully completed and the students left in order.

This activity has built a firewall for students' campus security. I believe students can improve their security awareness and add a security barrier to their college life after this activity!

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