Mutual help and prosperity -- the theme psychological group counseling activity of the school of public health was successfully held
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In order to help the students relieve their anxiety, devote themselves to their study and life with a better attitude and adapt to the new environment of the new semester, the school of public health organized group psychological counseling with the theme of "heart to heart and prosperity" on the morning of October 7. The event was hosted by the College Council, and several students from 2019 and 2020 participated in the event.

Before the activity, the members of the psychological department and the students participating in the activity first made a brief self introduction, and then played a warm game under the leadership of the host. The sincere and warm group atmosphere narrowed the distance between the students. In the laughter of the students, the activity officially began. The host first guides everyone to give a specific image to their recent troubles, draw a trouble tree on paper, or contain the troubles in the situation in the painting. The students thought carefully and drew the heart knot that bothered them on the paper. Then they showed their paintings in turn and explained the meaning of the picture. Then, the host prepared a series of questions to help students clarify the relationship between troubles and themselves, and examine its impact on themselves, so as to find out solutions or adjust their mentality and accept them again. Students answer on paper, explain their ideas to other students, and fully show their thoughts and worries. In the last part, the students speak freely, and through interpersonal interaction within the group, the students can observe, learn and experience in communication, know themselves, explore themselves, adjust and improve their relationship with others, and learn new attitudes and behavior, so as to promote the students' good adaptation and development. The students' enthusiasm for participation is high, and they all have the opportunity to share their voices. They also get some gains from the words of other students. So far, this group psychological counseling activity has been successfully completed.

Through this activity, the students' recent negative emotions have been released, and some effective methods to deal with mental problems have also been harvested. How to maintain a positive and "heart to heart" attitude in life is also a knowledge. I believe that the students can timely adjust themselves in the future, always maintain the spirit of "heart-to-heart prosperity", devote themselves to learning and life in a positive state, carry forward the strength of youth and harvest life happiness.

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