Chasing after each other and sweating like rain -- the school of public health successfully launched the 2021 freshman football match
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In order to promote the exchange between new and old students and select the members of the new football team, the sports department of the Institute of public health carried out the freshman football match on time at the new football field in the south district at 6:00 p.m. on October 10. Some 2021 freshmen and members of the college football team participated in the activity.

Due to the small number of applicants in 2021, the referee decided to put 20202021 students into the first team and 20182019 students into the first team, and handed them to the freshmen's orange team uniform. The competition officially began. The students of grade 2021 showed a vigorous spirit at the beginning of the competition, whether it was ball grabbing or attack. With the combination of smooth team cooperation and personal attack skills, the freshmen went to the next city first. Of course, the seniors also had unique skills. With their old and mature experience and tacit understanding among their members, they quickly caught up with the score. In this way, you come and go. At the end of the first half, the freshmen took a 2-1 lead. After a short break, the second half of the game began. The freshmen still dared to fight and grab, but some were eager to attack. The old players seized the opportunity and successfully scored. Both sides actively fight, are not afraid of confrontation, but do not lose harmony and friendship, and keep in mind the sports spirit of "friendship first and competition second". Midway, a freshman accidentally had leg cramps and was stretched by the team members in time and carried to the sideline for a rest. Finally, the fierce battle ended with a score of 3-3.

The smooth development of this activity not only deepened the friendship between new and old students, but also exercised everyone's body, and strengthened the students' sense of teamwork and responsibility. I believe this activity will leave a beautiful and unforgettable mark in the hearts of the students.

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