Guarding the original heart and looking forward to the future -- the successful holding of the general meeting of associations of the school of public health
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In order to ensure the normal operation of all associations in our college in the new academic year, give full play to the main role of students, and select a new group of excellent and appropriate community managers, the community general meeting of the College of public health was held online at 18:00 on August 25. Teacher Su Guofan, director of the student office of the school of public health and 2018 student counselor, teacher Leng Hexuan, 2017 and 2020 student counselors of the school of public health, teacher Liu Xinyi, 2019 student counselor of the school of public health, and the 37th presidium of the League organization of the school of public health of Jilin University attended the conference.

First of all, the hosts song Yameng and Zhang Jing introduced the guests and the election rules. Then, the presidents, captains and candidates of various associations opened the screen sharing in turn in accordance with the predetermined order and delivered competitive speeches in cooperation with the PPT. Most of the candidates gave speeches from four aspects: personal profile, work experience, personal advantages and future prospects. Each candidate gave a wonderful speech. They reviewed their work experience in the school of public health in the past year and put forward their ardent expectations for the future of each community. After the election speech, the judges and guests rated each candidate. Finally, the judges and guests voted in the QQ group, and the staff of the Social Council made statistics on the final results and publicized them. This is the successful conclusion of the general meeting of the association.

Based on the principles of openness, fairness, competition and merit, this conference elected a new group of serious and responsible community managers for all associations in our college. It is hoped that under the leadership of a new group of community managers, the community of our college can continue to move forward and carry out more activities beneficial to the students. Grow into a better community.

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