Strengthen safety and spend the summer vacation together -- the school of public health carries out safety inspection of summer dormitories for students staying in school
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In response to the school's notice on strengthening the safety management and epidemic prevention and control of summer undergraduates, and improving the safety awareness of students staying in school during holidays, Leng Hexuan, counselor of the school of public health, and the presidium of the student union of the school carried out safety inspection of the dormitory of students staying in school on the evening of July 25.

Taking the "July 24" major fire accident in Jingyue District of Changchun as a warning, we should effectively strengthen the bottom line awareness and safety thinking, build a strong safety line of defense, and compact the safety responsibility. During the inspection, Mr. Leng repeatedly stressed that students should pay attention to the safety of electricity in the dormitory, and it is strictly prohibited to pull wires and use illegal electrical appliances. Under the background of serious flood in China, teacher Leng reminded students to prevent natural disasters and engage in outdoor activities in dangerous areas. In addition, due to the recent repeated epidemic situation in China, teacher Leng also reminded students to strictly implement the daily clock in work, not necessarily leave the long, and do not add chaos to the school management. At the same time, she also stressed that students should abide by dormitory civilization and maintain good hygiene habits. During this inspection, the students who stayed in school during the holidays performed well and showed a good spirit of public health.

This inspection strengthened the students' awareness of the safety of electricity use during the holidays, and also made the students feel the warmth of the college during the holidays. I believe that the students can still strictly abide by the school regulations during the holidays and spend a meaningful summer vacation in the school!

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