John O 'Neil Simon Fraser university, Canada, dean of the access to public health college
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                During the solstice, on December 16, 18, 2015, Simon Fraser University, Canada (Simon Fraser University) health sciences dean professor John O 'Neil visited the school of public health. The visit, the two sides on undergraduate education, graduate internships, international cooperation in running schools, and other fields has carried on the extensive communication and discussion, and plans to initially signed a cooperation framework agreement.

                At the invitation of jilin university school of public health, on the morning of December 16, 2015, Simon Fraser university in Canada health sciences dean professor John O 'Neil visit, the cooperation and exchange forum held in the college conference room on the second floor, Bethune medical department minister, vice professor li fan field cadres, medical personnel training Ding Yachun professor, school of public health, deputy director of the office of the dean, professor, professor, vice dean xiao-dong liu li Juan ya-wen liu, vice President of the professor, director and teacher representatives attended the symposium. Conference, minister li fan to professor John O 'Neil's visit, a warm welcome, and introduces the basic situation of the medical department and jilin university with Canada cooperation in running schools between colleges and universities and academic exchanges. Dean li Juan, xiao-dong liu, vice President of the school of public health are introduced, the constitution of undergraduate and graduate students education mode, the various branches of ministy and teachers on behalf of our department personnel respectively and the teaching and scientific research situation for detail. Then, professor John O 'Neil Simon Fraser university health sciences was introduced in detail the composition, undergraduate teaching mode, the master of public health (MPH) global practice mode and and its international cooperation in running schools. Institute of participants are two common hotspot research direction, the two sides of communication between teachers and students exchange of visits and potential to discuss specific cooperation way, training mode and the MPH globalization practice base, double tutorial system in the intersection had in-depth exchanges such as cooperation.

                Finally, our director li Juan is possible with Simon Fraser university to carry out the way of cooperation and content is summarized, and put forward the high hopes. Professor John O 'Neil also issued a sincere invitation, to our teachers in the near future sincerely look forward to our teachers for Simon Fraser university of communication and visits.

                Professor during the visit, John O 'Neil also visited the center campus of jilin university, jilin province center for disease control and prevention, the first hospital and the transformation of the medical school, Bethune medical school history museum. Our visit exchanges to promote the cooperation and communication with Simon Fraser university, and make contributions to our school's international cooperation in running schools. 






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