the Establishment of the Organization and Leadership of the Jilin Expert Committee for Health Information
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    2016 on April 28, Jilin expert committee for health informatization  established ceremony of Jilin Province medical and health information center director ability training courses to enhance the Nanhu hotel in Changchun City held. Jilin Province health and Family Planning Commission planning and information office director Jing Wu Zhou attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech, speech Huawei medical education system Minister Li Xue Cheng, Jilin Province Health Statistical Information Center Director Qi Jun Zhang presided over the meeting. From all levels of health and family planning administrative departments and medical institutions, more than 260 Information Center Director and head of the Department attended the meeting. In Jilin Province, the establishment of the Expert Committee on health information technology experts, vice president of the Jilin Provincial Health Association, Hu Yamin read out the Jilin Province on the consent of the health information technology experts committee of the organization's decision.
The origin of Jilin Province Health Information Technology Committee of experts on introspection and medicine, information science, engineering, management science, sociology and other related fields of 106 well-known experts. Jilin University School of public health medical information department director, doctoral tutor Wang Wei as the chairman of the Committee; health statistical information center of Jilin Province, deputy secretary He Zhiyuan, director of Changchun health statistical information center Wang Zhenyu, director of No.1 Hospital of Jilin University Information Center Ma Yun, director of the information center of the second hospital of Jilin University, Chen Yandong, director of Jilin University information center of China Japan Friendship Hospital Zhang Hailong, director of the information center the people's Hospital of Jilin province Zhou Xianguo Department of information, Jilin provincial Qianwei hospital director Cai Xiaodong, deputy director of health statistics; information center of Jilin province residents health card management office director Wang Qiuyan served as the Secretary General; China deputy general manager of China Unicom Liaoyuan branch Liu Haitao, Jilin University School of public health, Department of medical informatics doctoral tutor Mou Dongmei, Jilin provincial MCH network management center director Xiao Yi, Jilin provincial disease prevention and control information center deputy director of Fu Yao, Changchun children's Hospital Information Center Director Li surrounding, Siping City People's Hospital Information Management Office Director Cui Yunchang, Jilin Province residents health card management office Engineer Chen Bairen deputy secretary general. The Secretariat anchored in Jilin Province health statistical information center, undertake the daily affairs committee. The meeting held a grand ceremony of appointment. Chairman Wang Weixuan read the constitution of the Jilin provincial health information technology experts committee.
Jilin Province health informatization committee is composed of health statistical information center of Jilin Province, Jilin Provincial Health Information Institute, Jilin Province Health Association Co sponsored the establishment of academic exchange platform, its responsibilities is in accordance with the health plan administrative departments requirements and entrusted to and to put forward opinions and suggestions for health information technology development strategy, policy and planning, major problems in the development of informatization in Jilin Province health recommendations, tracking and prospective studies on the problem of information inside and outside the province, and actively promote the province inside and outside experts, teaching and research institutions, government agencies, non governmental organizations and the Department of health information exchange and cooperation.









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