School Evaluation Specialist Conducted a Comprehensive Evaluation of the Experimental Teaching Center of the Public Health College
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Eight experts in the group five of the school experiment teaching evaluation headed by Professor Li Zhichao and medical department personnel training, director of the office of the Wu Yuntao visit the school of public health, in on the third floor of the college academic report hall held comprehensive experiment teaching center of school of public health review meetingOn the afternoon of April 21. The meeting chaired by President Li Juan, the school's head of leadership, the experimental teaching center of all teachers, laboratory technicians to participate in the meeting.
Professor Liu Yawen, vice president of the College of education in charge of the expert group made a comprehensive assessment of the experimental teaching center of the public health college. According to the experimental teaching center of Jilin university evaluation criteria (for Trial Implementation) "and the self rating scale", evaluation expert group of College Experimental Teaching Center conducted field visits, to provide the evidence materials carried out the detailed verification, held assessment feedback, Professor Li Zhichao, Xu Jia Ning Professor, Professor Meng Qing fan, Yi Lei Li professor in view of the problems existed in College Experimental Teaching Center gave feedback jobsite. Director of the Wu Yuntao in specialty construction, talent cultivation mode, international cooperation in running schools, and the college given fully affirmed. Also the college teaching and research, teaching methods, school conditions, and meet the Ministry of education undergraduate teaching audit evaluation preparation work made important suggestions. Finally, speech, President of Li Juan, thanks to the careful guidance, the college will be in this experiment teaching evaluation as an opportunity, with an open mind to accept the opinions and suggestions of the experts, to lay a solid foundation to meet the Ministry of education undergraduate teaching audit assessment of experts.

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