School of Public Health organized the eighth young teachers teaching level competition
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    In order to further promote the work of teaching and comprehensively improve the young teachers' professional quality and teaching level. School of Public Health held “the Eighth Young Teachers Teaching Level Contest” and “Young Teachers in Bilingual Teaching Contest” in College MPH classroom in April 13th 2016. The activity is highly valued by the school leaders and the teachers. A total of 11 teachers were participated in the competition. The College Teaching Steering Committee, academic committee, academic committee, all department director and college teaching steering group members were composed of judges to ensure the fairness and justice of the competition.

    The competition starts at 13:00, and is chaired by Professor Ye Lin, director of the teaching and Learning Committee of the college. 11 young teachers use a variety of teaching methods, for each 20 minute lecture contest. They show their talents and integrate their knowledge and new teaching concept into the classroom teaching. The teaching level and ability of the young teachers in our college are fully demonstrated. The experts and judges evaluated  teaching content and teaching method of each contestant, and put forward suggestions and opinions. Finally, Li Juan, Dean of the School of Public Health, summed up the young teachers lecture competition. In this competition, not only provide a platform for young teachers to display their talents, but also fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the teachers to participate in teaching. Playing a positive role in further promoting the quality of college teaching.

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