The faculty congress was held in School of Public Health
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    In the new semester, in order to the work was implemented. In the March 31, a faculty congress was held in the third floor lecture hall call of School of Public Health.The meeting was chaired by the party secretary Zhong Shaofeng.

    First, the president Li Juan interpreted the main points of working of the college in 2016 contained the subject construction, laboratory management and undergraduate education, graduate education, research and technology development, foreign affairs, administration and students work, which included seven specific aspects of 28 concrete work. These were comprehensive plans for completing the work and put forward the overall requirements for the working of 2016.

    Next, secretary Zhongshao Feng reported the party work of 2016 in five points, such as theoretical study, standardized construction of the party, the activities of the party, organizations of the united front work and the retired, working styles and uncorrptability of the party. He also transmitted the Speech contents of scretary Yangzhen Bin and president Liyuan Yuan.

    Finally, secretary Zhongshao Feng exchanged his thoughts of working with faculty. He pointed out that we had to identify the direction, follow the pace, make a long-term planning, make breakthroughs in key fields, and try our best to do the work. He also pointed out the problems. We should pay attention to the introduction of advanced talents, the construction of high-level platform, team building, active as well as solidarity and cooperation, encourage all staff threw themselves into work passionately, together promote the development of various undertakings of our School.


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