A fire safety lectures was held in School of Public Health
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     In order to strengthen the awareness of fire safety, and to improve the ability to hedge escape self-help capabilities among faculties, a fire safety lectures was held in School of Public Health in the courtyard on the third floor lecture hall in the afternoon of March 17th. The seminars was hosted by vice president of Liuhan Jun. Instructor Shi who came from Changchun qunan fire safety propaganda center, and the chief of campus security office of Xinmin universal were invited.

    The lecture started with the cases of fire which caused by the domestic gas fire, fire pan, fire appliances, automobiles and other common reasons in daily lives. And these were also showed by pictures and videos that attracted everyone's attention. Ways to prevention and fighting with all those types of fire were also taught to the faculty. Besides, if fire happened in crowded places such as schools, hotels, supper markets, the ways of how to escape were also taught. Finally, the common fire extinguishers, escape rope and escape hammer was introduced to ensure that if the fire broke out, we could use these tools as effectively as possible.

    After the lecture, faculty said that it was very helpful, it helped them to improve the awareness of the fire safety and help to know the way to escape if accidents happened one day.


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